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Bullying Where the Good became Better and the Better became Best free essay sample

It’s a lot harder to ignore bullies especially when you are an eight years old. The minds of kids are absorbent and delicate that every word or every action taken by bullies will be plastered for so long. I was a victim of bullying where this aggressive classmate of mine tried to cut my finger with a scissors and hit my belly with a sharpened pencil. I became furious at him so I told my parents about it and the matter went over to the vice principal. He was suspended for a week. It turned out that this bully, who verbally and physically impaired me, had a crush on me. Why do people bully on others? To show off strength? To be named as kings-or-queens-of-the-school? To have fun? NO. Impressions like these must not get out easily. Like what Mother Teresa implied, â€Å"If you continue to judge people, you’ll have no time to love them. We will write a custom essay sample on Bullying: Where the Good became Better and the Better became Best or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page † Maybe the person had a long fight with a family member or their parents were divorced that the solution they can find to get over these matters was to intimidate others. All of them have a concealed reason behind. All they need is someone who could listen to them, hug them or show concern to them. If one person, a friend, parent or a teacher maybe could fulfil those to every kid who had problems like these, shattered confidence, dignity and lives could have been saved. Imagine that several words could seize lives already? The bullies were tight then! Because those who took their lives believed that they were a weakling. Indeed, they were a weakling. All it takes is mind over matter. If that’s what they think about us and what we can’t do, go ahead, be my guest. But someday, I’ll show them what a true winner is. I hope that you’ll take time to watch â€Å"Every Child is Special.† It is a movie wherein a dyslexic kid, who was bullied everyday, struggled through school and was shipped off by his father to a boarding school to be â€Å"disciplined.† It was then a substitute teacher helped him with his disorder and encouraged him to pursue his talent. I thank my classmates who have bullied me before because without them, I won’t be tough and disciplined throughout my life. I was chosen as the overall patrol leader of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines in our school. From that moment on, I began to inspire and discipline girls all over our district. Bullying isn’t really bad when one truly believes in himself or herself. They may say, â€Å"Hey chicken,† â€Å"Wassup, loser,† â€Å"What a pathetic thing.† Okay no problem. For what’s true will remain true even if no one believes it. Thank you for molding me in becoming a leader to hundreds of people. Now who’s pathetic now?

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The Ethics of Selling Violent Video Games Research Paper Example

The Ethics of Selling Violent Video Games Paper Should Barry recommend that Take-Two go forward with the release of GTAG: Vice City? Yes, they should think deeply of the Impact that the game will game will have over the children who play It, not only the Impact the game will have over their company and also take Into account that many groups are already against them In the release of the game. 2. Given the contemplated video game is legal, is clearly marked as Mature for audiences over 17, and is targeted for audiences not particularly offended by the homes of GTAG: Vice City, is there an ethical issue of any kind in this case? Yes, because the game is already classified the game from 17 years up and is legal, so the choice of buying the game depends on the children who want it and of the parents who buy it to their kids. 3. Do video games producers bear any social responsibility whatsoever for the themes of gratuitous violence they reinforce or the messages they send about the treatment of women as sex objects? Yes completely, because they are transmitting to people who play their game Is that violence and women used as a sex object Is now a days normal and this will cause people to take that into reality. . If the answer of question 3 is yes, what steps do you recommend be taken to improve the current situation regarding the marketing of video games in the U. S. A? 1 . The government needs to be aware of what messages are video games are transmitting. 2. Video games producers need to take into account the damage that their video games will cause to their clients. 3. People need to take into account, hen b uying a video game, if they contain violence or sex. Firebombed Fitch 1. We will write a custom essay sample on The Ethics of Selling Violent Video Games specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on The Ethics of Selling Violent Video Games specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on The Ethics of Selling Violent Video Games specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Is AF really using Quarterly to generate free publicly and to create a dimension of controversy and rebellion sometimes important to their youthful target market? Yes, AF is making teenagers to think of living life in another dimension and that is being rebellion, having sex, drink, use drugs, etc. They are making think teenagers that doing that stuff is normal. 2. If you were called in as an advisor to Jiffies, what would you tell him to do about he Quarterly? I will tell him to stop promoting AF through Quarterly because the magazine is classified as a dirty magazine and that is the image that AF is showing while promoting themselves through that Quarterly. 3. How does this case relate to the ethical theories/frameworks we have discussed? Companies will do anything to Increase their profits and become popular. AF Is causing a lot of controversy but in that way many people is getting to know AF and Is a way to call ten attention.

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The Chicken Coop Case Essay Example

The Chicken Coop Case Essay Example The Chicken Coop Case Essay The Chicken Coop Case Essay The chicken coop case Facts Since 1974 the Company had registered Increase In 10% In sales per year, Industry has only being growing 5% per year, during the past 5 years. 1994 1) $775,000 average sales per restaurant 58. MM mark In sales 2) 7. 7 billion chicken SIRS segment ? which KEF dominates with 5,000 restaurants and greater that 50% market share. Each week MM consumers make purchase at KEF. 25% of market shares, small and independent stores 1995 sales were down in 20 (6%) of the 76 stores those 20 where the 32% of total sales Owner went to visit the 20 stores Marketing UP and Quality UP recommends three pronged approach 1) Conduct focus group 2) Brand image monitoring survey pilot for a continuous brand tracking program 3) Customers will be paid to visit the coop and the competition and they will not know which Company paid them Turnaround really expensive marketing strategies Executive meeting In order to define: Investment In market research, how much and which programs to fund. 985 24 restaurants By paying more attention to customer the Coop will gain market share. Success of restaurants was quality of food, quality of service, cleanness quality of entire addling experience and good value (price, quality and abundance) for low prices. Focused providing family environment targeting consumers between the ages of 18 to 45 years. Starting price $3. 99 and whole meal for eight people for $24. 95. The CEO of The Chicken Coop, must decide if the company invests in market research, how much money to spend, and which programs to fund Take decision based on What is the size of the loss? What have been attributed to this loss? The loss is 6% of sales in 20 stores that means that $775,000 is the average sale per store, so the 6% ass per store is $46,500, times the 20 stores the total size of the loss will be $930,000. The loss can be attributed by many factors, for example, more competition In the area where the 20 stores less performing are, changes In demographics, people that used to go to those stores moved from that neighborhood and different people came, changes in consumer habits, healthy programs and obesity start concerning parents and people living nearby, the stores werent delivering the value that characterizes The Coop such as quality of food, quality of service, cleanness quality of entire dining experience and good value (price, quality and abundance) for low prices, or the economy was suffering a recession and the first impact are the 20 stores. Analyze the dynamics between Michael and Wallace. Are they looking into the same direction? They are looking into the same direction because they have the same objective that is increase sales and reduce the gap of sales in revenue in the less performing stores, so what they are proposing different ways to close the gap and fulfill the obje ctive. Wallace Is relatively new to the Company but he has great experience In the Industry and he knows what he Is doing and how to be successful In the business, the difference with Michael Is that she Is a loyal employee that shares the core values and beliefs of The Coop well defined. So one is proposing Innovation Ana evolution Ana ten toner one Is proposing quality Ana customer satisfaction, which in this case both ideas and methods are needed. Evaluate the initiatives proposed by Bushmaster Wallace and Michaels Bushmaster is proposing customer feedback cards, this approach is the cheapest one and the information they will get is limited in terms of innovation and attracting new consumers. Wallace is proposing Brand image monitoring survey, this is the most expensive proposition in long term for the company, here is where the Coop will have to start making focus groups and they are worried about not being well equipped for that in their facilities and the outcomes of the results may not be as trustfully as any other method. Michaels is proposing Taste tests, this approach can help to identify where the stores are failing in terms of quality and also it can identify what customers really would like in terms of food and taste but the information may be not accurate customer samples cant be loyal customers because they dont fully represent the whole market.

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ESL Beginner Dialogue Comparing the City and the Country

ESL Beginner Dialogue Comparing the City and the Country In English, the comparative is the form of an adjective or adverb that involves a comparison between greater or lesser, more or less. The comparative form changes depending on the adjective you use, but almost all  one-syllable  adjectives, along with some two-syllable adjectives, add  -er  to the  base  to form the comparative. Its important to learn a wide range of adjectives for the sake of description. A good way to practice this is by comparing the city and the country in a conversation. To describe physical locations as well as the character of the people and places, youll need to use the comparative form. Use the sample dialogue below to describe the city and the country. Then have your own conversations with others in your class. The City and the Country David: How do you like living in a big city? Maria: I like it so much more than living in the country. There are many things that make it better. David: Oh, really? Can you give me some examples? Maria:  Well, it certainly is more interesting out in the city than it is in the country. There is so much more to do and see! David: Yes, but the city is more dangerous than the country. Maria: Thats true. People in the city arent as open and friendly as those in the countryside, and the streets arent as safe. David: Im sure that the country is more relaxed, too! Maria: Yes, the city is busier than the country. However, the country feels much slower than the city. David: I think thats a good thing! Maria: Oh, I dont. The country is so boring! Being in the country is much more boring than being in the city. David: How about the cost of living? Is the country cheaper than the city? Maria: Oh, yes. Living in the city is more expensive than in the country. David: Life in the country is also much healthier than in the city. Maria: Yes, its cleaner and less dangerous in the country. But, the city is so much more exciting. Its faster, crazier and more fun. David: I think you are crazy for moving to the city. Maria: Well, Im young now. Maybe when Im married and have children Ill move back to the country. More Dialogue Practice - Includes level and target structures/language functions for each dialogue.

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Retail Strategy Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Retail Strategy - Assignment Example There is clearly no point designing a product which no one demands of. Therefore it is essential that that it should have the features which are valued by and attract the consumers, for example, it must be of good quality, work perfectly and look good. Price is the second most essential part of a retail strategy. The price must be set in such a manner that it not only depicts the value of the good produced but takes care of the market conditions and see how much customers are willing to pay for such goods. The third P of retail strategy is place. There is clearly no point in making a product if we cant get to a place from where we can get it across to the customer. Therefore making sure that the goods are present on the right time and at the right place is a very essential. The fourth and final P of a successful retail strategy is promotion (Tellis, 1997). Promotion refers to letting our prospective buyers know about the availability, existence and feature of our product. Successful promotional or marketing strategies play a very essential role in the success of a product and this is the reason why companies spend huge sums on money on promotional

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Professional Portfolio and Self-Marketing Plan Term Paper

Professional Portfolio and Self-Marketing Plan - Term Paper Example Solid nursing experience that includes admissions, assessments, treatment, referral, and education for a broad range of patients. Widely recognized as an excellent care provider and patient advocate. Demonstrated ability to assist healthcare team members to provide quality patient care. Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills. Extreme accuracy in patient history, charting, and other documentations. Proficiencies: Patient care advocate Intravenous therapy Care plan administration Patient/family education Ante partum, Mother/Baby, and Pediatrics Status post surgical care Lactation counseling Career Experience Portsmouth Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth, VA (Contractor) December 2008 to December, 2010 Registered Nurse in the Mother/Baby unit of the facility delivering a complete range of RN services and expertise in assessments, admissions, referrals, extensive plans of care, administer medications, assist physicians, IVs, IV antibiotics, blood transfusions, wound care, lacta tion counseling, education of patients/family members, and accurate documentation of patient history, medication, and treatment. Carteret General Hospital, Morehead City, NC September 2006 to October, 2008 Staff Nurse in Ante partum, Mother/Baby, and Pediatrics. ... Have experience in fetal monitoring, doppler, and fetal tracking. Prepared equipment/supplies and assisted physicians during examinations and treatment. When designated, acted in Charge Nurse capacity. Raleigh Children & Adolescents Medicine, Raleigh, NC October, 2001to August 2006 Delivered a complete range of RN service and expertise in the clinic environment. Accurately obtained and documented patient history and medication, assisted physicians during examinations/treatment, handled referrals and admissions, and extensive interaction with patients and family members, staff, and physicians. Rex Wellness Center, Raleigh, NC September, 2000 to May, 2003 Part-time lifeguard and receptionist at the wellness center. Covered the front desk, greeted clients, and assisted with membership enrollment of the center. Triangle Pool Management Company, Raleigh, NC May, 1996 to September 1999 Pool manager and lifeguard (part-time). Wal-Mart Pharmacy, Raleigh, NC February 1996 to May 1998 Pharmacy tech (part-time). Educational Background Bachelor of Science in Nursing, BSN (2001) Barton College Wilson, North Carolina Currently Enrolled in Masters Program in Nursing Licensure Licensed Registered Nurse (RN), State of North Carolina (License Number 193770) Course/Certifications Nursing Tutorial and Consulting Nurses in the New Decade Legal Issues in Nursing Advance Charge Nurse Development Stress, Depression, and Pain Basic Life Support Certification (BLS) Pediatric Advance Life Support Certification (PALS) NRP Certification Certified Lactation Counselor Honors/Awards Member of Sigma Theta Tau National Honor Society of Nursing Numerous Customer Service Awards (Portsmouth Naval Medical Center) Admiral Commendation Letter Courses Completed NUR 553: Issues in Healthcare Informatics

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Two representations of women Essay Example for Free

Two representations of women Essay When writing literary works most, authors will agree that it is difficult to write a story without any inspiration. The writers will often have some motive, either from past experiences or something that can inspire an idea for a particular story or essay. Although the story or essay can be fictitious it can still change how society feels about a certain issue. The two works The Female Body by Margaret Atwood and The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin romanticizes the view of women in their own opinion, emphasizing ideas such as women being portrayed as common housewives, objects, emotional delinquents, and submissive individuals. The similarities include both authors has their own distinct impression of how women are being depicted in society and the conflicted roles of husbands versus wives or man versus women. The obvious comparison when comparing these two works is the aspect that they are both written by feminist. In The Female Body, Atwood is trying to express her point of view, or sway the readers to understand the properties of the female body. Atwood uses words that she believes society would view the female body. In the first section she refers to the female body as being a topic because it is constantly being talked about. My topic feels like hell. (Atwood 73) Atwood uses her body assuming that all other females feel the same way. Atwood goes and develops the female body as a renewable one luckily (Atwood 75) and that the female body will not always be accepted in society. When the body is young it has uses; It sells cars, beer shaving lotion, cigarettes(Atwood 75). However she mentions that those things wear out so quickly (Atwood 75) She explains that society holds a supernatural image of what the perfect female looks like in their minds. When most women do not satisfy that image they go in search of a renewable look, they can go out and be made of transparent plastic or acquire cosmetics to enhance their beauty, and lose weight to appeal their significant other. (Atwood) When Atwood suggests that the female body is renewable she blames society for making it that way because most females go under the impression that they are designed to look a certain way or please a certain audience. Kate Chopins The Story of an Hour present its readers with Mrs. Mallard, an old lady whose husband supposedly died. In this story the author depicts the common stereotypes that separate men from women, and as the reader progresses they find out that Mrs. Mallard shows an emotional weakness, vulnerability and most importantly dependence. Kate Chopins goal of this story is to suggest to the audience that women are expected to preserve the role that society implies on them. In the early 19th century females were dependant on males to go out and work in order to bring back the necessary money for survival. The female would be a housekeeper nurturing the children and cooking meals- typical qualities for women during those times. However as the story progresses the stereotypes start to diminish. Go away Im not making myself ill (Chopin 92) During the span of the hour Mrs. Mallard went from dependent and fragile to strong and independent when she told Josephine to go away. Additionally to the similarities of the two works exposing the generalization of how women are being expected in society, there is an idea that the authors highlight the importance of the conflicted roles between male and female. Atwoods The Female Body implies that the male brain has a thin connection and all their thoughts are sealed off in each compartment and thats what separates males from females. Good for aiming though, for hitting the target when you pull the trigger. Whats the target? Whos the target? Who cares? What matters is hitting it (Atwood 76) Atwood states that the male shows no emotional comfort in anything he does. Atwood also connects the simplification of the powerful and the powerless. The females body intention is to please the males by being used as a door knocker and a bottle opener. (Atwood 75) Women always try to please the men by using their body and sex appeal. Some advertisements for example show a vivid image of a female in nothing more then a skimpy bikini selling products like beer or cigarettes. In the contemporary world individuals never see the male body used to sell beer. The Story of an Hour also reveals an excellent example of the different roles between males and females, in this case husbands and wives. In this story Mrs. Mallard is tired of being caught doing the chores that her husband  expects her to do; she seeks freedom and liberation. Although death is ought to be a sad time, not all conditions would maintain that statement. For example if someone were suffering horrendously, it would actually be a good thing if he or she died. In the story it shows that Mrs. Mallard died at the end of the story but prior to that event it stated that Mrs. Mallard did actually love her husband, but often she did not. (Chopin 92) The story also suggests that she believed that her husband was frustrated with the marriage and assumed that she was too. This conflict revealed the sign that Mrs. Mallard was struggling for freedom, and when she sees that her husband is alive, she must die. This is the only way to be literally free from his gasp. When she had died of the joy that kills it leaves the reader to wonder about how she had died. Whether from the heart attack or she thought she had finally escaped her husband and is free at last. In conclusion, the similarities of Atwoods The Female Body and Chopins The Story of an Hour both imply the how women are being seen by the eyes of society and the important clashes between how the role of women and men reflect the common stereotypes. Works Cited Atwood, Margaret. The Female Body The Mercury Reader. A Custom publication compiled by Angus Cleghorn. Boston: Pearson 2002. Chopin, Kate The Story of an Hour The Mercury ReaderA Custom publication compiled by Angus Cleghorn. Boston: Pearson 2002.